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More than 107,000 injury crashes involving trucks were reported in 2017. LA Car Accident Lawyers assists victims who sustained damages from truck accidents file for personal injury claims to get the right compensation.

[LOS ANGELES, 06/26/2019] - Truck accidents continue to be a problem in the United States, as there were over 107,000 large trucks involved in injury crashes in 2017. This is a 5% increase from 2016, which had over 4,251 trucks involved in accidents. LA Car Accident Lawyers says that these accidents likely happen because of the driver’s negligence. The firm offers legal representation for those who have sustained emotional, financial, and physical suffering caused by careless truck drivers.

Finding the Facts You Need for a Solid Case

LA Car Accident Lawyers understands that it’s difficult to find all the information needed for a solid lawsuit, especially if an individual is still recovering from a serious injury. Its lawyers will take care of finding the facts to create a grounded case within California's statute of limitations of two years for personal injuries. It also helps its clients file claims to get compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, impairment, property damage, pain and suffering, and even bad faith from insurance providers.

Get Your Case Moving Immediately

According to Thomson Reuters’ FindLaw database, California is a “tort state.” This means that the plaintiff must prove that the truck driver is at fault for the accident before they can get their compensation claim going.

The site says that although the state doesn’t have limits when it comes to damages that one can claim in a personal injury or vehicular accident case, it has a few rules that could drastically lower or even eliminate the compensation a person may get. This includes Proposition 213, which disallows general damages, such as pain and suffering, to uninsured motorists involved in traffic collisions within the State. This means the driver cannot collect compensation even if the accident is not his fault. The State's reasoning behind this is that people who do not protect others from their own negligence should not be allowed to obtain pain and suffering damages.

Another rule on vehicular collisions is the shortened statutory term to only six months for crashes involving government vehicles.

LA Car Accident Lawyers’ team of litigators have vast experience in representing plaintiffs in truck accident lawsuits. As such, they use their knowledge of the state’s limitations for these types of cases to help their clients find compensation that fully covers the damages sustained.

About LA Car Accident Lawyers

LA Car Accident Lawyers is a team of aggressive and dedicated litigators who believe that motorists and pedestrians alike should be protected and compensated from the possible damages caused by someone else’s carelessness. The firm is dedicated to fighting for full compensation. It won’t charge for its services until the case is won.

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