Miskas Wood Products Promotes Green Manufacturing with Its Sustainable Business Practices

 Aliali Newman

As one of the leading wood moulding manufacturers in Ontario, Canada, Miskas Wood Products promotes responsible and sustainable business practices, including the use of renewable resources and implementing a zero-waste policy.

[GEORGETOWN, 03/05/2018] - Family-owned lumber company Miskas Wood Products promotes a green work environment through its sustainable business practices. The wood the company uses and its waste management system allows it to implement a zero-waste policy while providing high-quality products.

Chemical-free Lumber

Miskas Wood Products gets its lumber from the Eastern White Pine Trees, which are abundant in Ontario. Doing so reduces the need for the company to travel far and transport wood from the source to the shop and vice-versa, therefore reducing its carbon footprint.

The company also said, “[Eastern White Pine is] naturally resistant to decay and does not need to be chemically treated to sustain itself in the Canadian climate. In short, Eastern White Pine is of the highest quality and is also one of the most environmentally friendly boards on the market.”

To further cut down on transportation, it conducts product manufacturing and quality control under one roof. This allows the company to inspect the quality of the product in every phase of the process. It gives customers one convenient point-of-contact, as well.

Zero-Waste Policy

Miskas Wood Products prides itself on their dedication to observing sustainable business practices, working with renewable resources, and implementing a zero waste policy. The company’s main products are wood mouldings. It creates finger jointed mouldings using shorter pieces of lumber and connecting them to make stronger, longer, and more adhesive mouldings without sacrificing their eco-friendly practices or quality.

Wood and natural wastes are converted into wood chips and used by local farmers as a natural fertilizer.

About Miskas Wood Products

Miskas Wood Products is a B2C family business focused on selling retail lumber materials. It offers primed and unprimed products, which they can paint for their customers’ convenience.

The leading wood moulding supplier in Brampton and Georgetown, Miskas Wood Products has years of experience under its belt and is trusted by contractors in the Greater Toronto Area.

For more information on their products, visit https://miskaswoodproducts.com today.

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