Comprehensive Healthcare and Emergency Medical Services for Senior Citizens in New Delhi

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It is tough being away from parents, especially those ailing or are recuperating from illness, their well-being and health is always on the top of the mind., a new and ingenious way to be in touch with ones parents’ health is now at your rescue. Their at home medical check-up packages would definitely be of enormous help when it comes to ensuring your parent’s continued good health and wellbeing.

Just sign-up with, and register with their service by entering the names of either or both your parents; their age, residential address and other details. UberHealth’s team would then generate a list all nearby hospitals and your parents would be given an emergency contact number which would put them in touch with all the hospitals in the vicinity all at once – thereby ensuring an almost instantaneous response in case of any medical emergency.

Additionally a doctor UberHealth’s team of highly quailed and experienced medical professionals, would be assigned to monitor your parents health. This door to door Healthcare service would have been thoroughly analyse your parents medical history and if necessary recommend further tests, which includes the possibility of a full body check-up.

Performed at India’s leading hospitals, a full body check-up consists of around 15 tests and five consultations. The entire process would take place under the watchful eyes of UberHealth’s representatives and advisory board.

However, if the full body check-up is not required, UberHealth would design a customized preventive health care plan for a year. In this preventive health care plan, medical practitioners would come to your place for periodic check-ups and carry out at home medical tests in partnership with Dr. Lal’s Path Labs. A periodic check-up regime would be planned keeping in mind the requirement of an individual.

Mr. Ishan Jha, one of the Co-founders of Uber Health said, “Today when everything is online then why not health and its care. So, to do away with unending paper work of insurances and treatments we thought of the idea of signing-up and getting started with health care plans, a best suited option for our prospective clients and customers.” He also added that this would the elderly avoid the often taxing experience of having to visit doctor for regular check-ups – an experience which can be harrowing for senior citizens.

In addition to the various details of an UberHealth’s preventive care package mentioned above, the young team plan to add a plethora of other services to their ever expanding list of senior citizens healthcare packages.

So log on to sign-up with their services and give your parents the gift of good health.

About: is a unique healthcare initiative to help NRIs purchase comprehensive preventive healthcare and medical emergency packages for their parents.

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