SPACIALISTS Offers Realistic, High-Impact Architectural 3D Rendering Services

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SPACIALISTS, an industry leader in architectural visualization, offers realistic, high-impact architectural 3D rendering services. The firm combines creativity and digital technology to interpret designs in a way that creates an emotional connection with the audience.

[Los Angeles, 11/8/2017] – Based in Los Angeles, California, SPACIALISTS is an architectural visualization firm that offers cutting-edge architectural 3D rendering services. The firm combines creativity and impressive digital technology to represent designs in a way that creates an emotional impact on the audience.

The Power of Architectural 3D Rendering

Architectural 3D rendering is a powerful tool that allows designers, architects, developers, and builders to see their design in a realistic imagery before building it. It can provide viewers with multiple design perspectives at a fraction of the cost of numerous 2D drawings. In addition, 3D visualizations can be utilized for video walk-through, animations, and marketing presentation needs.

SPACIALISTS’ Use of Virtual Reality Technology

For its 3D rendering services, the firm employs cutting-edge virtual reality technology to accurately display topography, textures, angles, and other specific details of the design. Also, with this VR software, the SPACIALISTS team can take an unlimited number of shots without requiring additional render time. Traditionally, 3D rendering takes two hours to a day to render each final image—and this could increase turnaround time and service costs. But because the team uses VR technology, it can create numerous digital environments to show different design possibilities for a single project. Moreover, those multiple digital renderings are available through an interactive platform.

The firm’s interactive virtual reality platform doesn’t only make clients see the lifelike representation of their vision, but it also allows them to change details on their design. After all, as mentioned, the 3D rendering comes with different design possibilities. So, while on the VR platform, the clients can replace the color of the walls or their choice of floor types for their design. With that, the firm helps clients finalize their design in a quicker manner, as well as market their properties at an earlier time.

SPACIALISTS turn architectural ideas into a remarkable visual experience. The firm works on designs for master-planned communities, commercial developments, residential projects, and retail build-outs.


SPACIALISTS is an architectural visualization firm based in Los Angeles, California, specializing in photo-realistic still images, visual simulations, animations, and marketing presentations. The firm uses state-of-the-art technologies and focuses on all aspects of 3D rendering, construction design, and plan assembly. Moreover, it has a world-class team that combines creativity and digital technology to produce winning architectural visualizations.

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