Impact Computers and Electronics No Longer Can Ship Batteries in the Air

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Impact Computers and Electronics announces that they can’t send battery via airplane service. Due to battery regulations, lithium batteries must ship via Ground service.

Impact Computers and Electronics is a popular computer parts distributor. This distributor is ready with a variety of parts from well-known brands including Acer, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard or HP, IBM, Toshiba, Sony, Panasonic, and many others. The parts cover the part for Desktop, laptop, Notebook, and Server. Impact Computers and Electronics distributor gives benefits for the customers. For example, the distributor offers a special price for specific customers such as government agencies, resellers, and repair centers. Moreover, the distributor has complete computer parts where people or agencies need. Those parts are including system board, USB AC adapter, LCD assembly, cases, main battery, LCD panel, and many more.

The popularity of this distributor is not only about the variety of the parts, but it is also about the services. One of the best services is the international shipping service. As an international supplier Impact Computers and Electronics is ready to ship the computer parts to several countries, such as Canada, Mexico, and even Japan and Turkey. In the next development, this supplier is able to ship worldwide even in a small town such as Bangladesh. The customers have to pay the shipping charge based on their living areas.

The distributor is not only caring about its own benefits and income. They care about the environment by promoting a recycling program. This program focuses on the way to treat notebook, laptop, and server batteries and any other computer parts garbage. The best way they can offer is by sending the unused or damage computer parts back to them. Then, the distributor will collect and include it in the recycling program. The achievement is to reduce the pollution caused by gadget parts. This program is a great program and makes the customers love the distributor because without a proper treatment gadget garbage is extremely dangerous for the environment.

Lately, Impact Computers and Electronics announces that they are unable to ship the battery internationally or anywhere domestically via airplane. The main reason is the regulation such as government policies, taxes and duties, carrier limitations, and many more. The battery can be sent via ground service. Despite this announcement, Impact Computers and Electronics still serve their customers who need computer parts just like before.

About Impact Computers and Electronics:

Impact Computers and Electronics is a computer and replacement parts distributor. It covers a variety of computer parts from trusted brands. They can send the parts internationally and manage the waste well by offering a recycling program.

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