Reverend Serena – Offering Treatment for Stress and Psychological Problems

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Summary: The following press release is written to provide information about Ms. Reverend Serena. You may contact her for discussing your concerns of your life and get the best resolutions.

In this era of fast pace world, many of us normally work beyond the normal limits of our body and mind. No matter if you study in some college, work in some organization, or own your business, your work may bring lots of anxiety, pressure, and stress in your mind. This in turn would make you impatient and adopt behavioral problems. Indeed, we would need to be positive in any situation, but many of us depress ourselves in such circumstances. To help such individuals, Ms. Reverend Serena facilitates and counselling sessions. She believes in the fact that all humans have the capability of recovering from any type of emotional trauma with the help of the hidden energy within themselves.

She offers the hypnotic sessions for revoking your hidden energy, which you may use to resolve the major problems of your life with ease. There is no doubt that in tough conditions of life, many individuals tend to develop negative attitude towards their life. Serena aims at assessing, diagnosing and treating multiple behavioral and emotional issues of such individuals. The first step that she follows is to identify the root cause of the behavioral or even the physical issue. For instance, she hypnotically interrogates the individual to figure out if the problem is because of depression, anxiety, relationship breakup, major incidents of life, trauma, and more. Once the root cause is identified, she as the best psychotherapist, offers the courses for treatment or healing for such individuals.

Rest than treating anxiety, stress, fear, and other behavioral issues, she also has ample experience in conducting spiritual and motivational lectures. Post her sessions, her clients would have a feel of deep relaxation, which could be attained through eliminating some overheads from their mind. This will bring down their stress level and enhance their positivity towards life. Serena is a well experienced spiritual life coach, who is serving her clients since 1991. She is also an active member of the First Unity Spiritual Campus Spiritual Leadership Team. Rest than that, you may also approach her for the event coordination for the wedding parties.

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Company: Family Counseling Center/ Rev. Serena
Address: 2525 Pasadena Avenue, Suite M, Saint Petersburg, Florida 33707
Phone: +1 727-303-9929

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