Home Comfort Experts Provides Plumbing Services for Hard Water Issues

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Home Comfort Experts solves hard water issues in the US with its water softener services. By installing the product, clients can keep water supplies clean and free of excess minerals.

[Mishawaka, 05/10/2018] - Home Comfort Experts addresses hard water issues in US homes with its professional plumbing services. It installs, repairs, and replaces water softeners to unblock water supplies and keep pipelines smooth and functional.

Hard Water Issues Plague American Households

Hard water—or water that contains high levels of minerals like calcium and magnesium—does not pose any serious health risks. It can, however, result in various plumbing issues.

The US Geological Survey records that over 85% of homes in the US have some level of water hardness. Further research shows that cities, such as Indianapolis, Phoenix, San Antonio, and Las Vegas, are more prone to hard water than other areas in the country.

Hard water can wreak havoc on home maintenance. As the minerals build up inside the pipes, it could result in plumbing fixture problems that require costly repair. Among these are clogged and corroded pipes, poor water heater efficiency, appliance malfunctions, visible water stains, and more.

Professional Water Softener Repair, Replacement, and Installation Services

Home Comfort Experts provides expert plumbing services to solve residential hard water issues. The company installs water softeners that reduce water hardness by removing minerals from a homeowner’s water supply. This appliance trades the minerals in hard water for sodium ions to avoid build-up.

The company installs Marlo MCV series water softeners. It features fully automated controls, salt-saving brine control, and auto-bypass regeneration to leave water supplies soft, clean, and better tasting. The plumbers at Home Comfort Experts also conduct repair and maintenance work on water softeners to protect residential plumbing from the effects of hard water.

About Home Comfort Experts

Home Comfort Experts offers high-quality plumbing repairs and installation, heating and cooling system repairs and maintenance, and indoor air quality services. Its team of highly skilled and experienced technicians ensures quality workmanship and efficiency in every repair and installation project.

To request a free estimate, visit https://www.homecomfortexpertsinc.com/.

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