Former Professional Wrestling Champion Alex Thorn Comes With His Self-Help Autobiography, “I AM THORN…”

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Chicago, IL Aug 01, 2017 - Alex Thorn has penned “I AM THORN, How I Broke the Chains of Mediocrity and Learned How to Live 2 Win”, his self-help autobiography, which is his new achievement. A former professional wrestling champion, Alex has blended his past experiences from his professional and personal life.

Alex has turned an author with the autobiography. Through the book, Alex shows that just like him anyone can attain his dreams – irrespective of what life tosses at him. The book, similar to any other story of success in real life, contains accounts of heartbreaks, happiness, failures and triumphs in the author’s attempts to scale the peaks in the professional domains of health, fitness, rock 'n' roll and wrestling, and even in the personal domains of life and love.

The autobiography “I AM THORN, How I Broke the Chains of Mediocrity and Learned How to Live 2 Win” is an engrossing real-life story that must be read. It can show that anyone can be successful, irrespective of the obstacles and impediments in life. Every day, people need inspiration to move ahead with life and the new book from Alex motivates readers to be successful in life despite all odds.

At present, the book is up on Amazon for pre-order. It can be availed in Paperback as well as eBook form on September 11th 2017. Interested people can get further information on the official website of Alex Thorn, other than his social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About Alex Thorn:
Alex Thorn is a personal trainer, fitness coach, musician and former professional wrestling champion base in Chicago, Illinois. He is also an author, and has recently come out with his autobiography.

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