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This press release is about Gandhi International Shipping a moving and Logistics Company headquartered in Chicago founded in 1992 deals in shipping assets from one country to another. They have been delivering goods in more than 150 countries.

There is no doubt about this fact that many of the people need the services of freight shipping companies now or then. The world has become a global village and it is normal for people to send and receive packages on a daily basis. We at Gandhi International Shipping are dealing in the shipment of goods, from small goods to large ones which include machinery and equipment. We offer service to more than 150 countries which include shipping services to India.

India being a large country with many ports people prefers to supply goods for commercial as well as for private use. The ones who want shipment at fewer prices can opt for ocean import and export while those who need quick service can choose Air fright.

Furthermore, our workers are having a minimum of twenty-two years of experience which make them quite knowledgeable and expert in their respective fields. Whenever an item is shipped we provide an option of insurance to the customer. If the product is insured and anything wrong happens like damaging or it gets lost, we take full responsibility of it and give compensation amount to the client. Our main motto is customer satisfaction because if the customer is not impressed than the reputation and rating of the company takes a hit.

When we do shipping service to India, we provide relocation service for the user. Our teams of experts are present before the arrival of the shipment, from there on loading, unloading; unpacking to door to door service is done by our company. If the person is new to the area we even offer the best possible rates of property to buy and jobs for them. With a single contract, customers can enjoy a number of benefits from us. People can reach the destination with peace of mind as everything is done by us in a controlled manner.

We have more than two decades of experience in the industry in which learned many things. Our customer delivery service is unparallel which shows the testimony of our commitments to customer service. We pack and store your goods with other consignments in a warehouse so that when the time arrives we can load your item into the ship without any delay. Customers can even see live status through an application so that they can feel safe and stress-free.

About the company:

The Gandhi International Shipping company is one of the leaders in shipping goods from ocean as well as from air. Apart from this, they also provide relocation services in different countries so that their client can have peace of mind while their assets arrive to their destination. The service provided by them is top notch and have great track record.

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Phone: 847-673-6100, Fax: 773-973-7122


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