Visit the ‘Life Goes On’ Photography Exhibition at Sentosa – The State of Fun

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Sentosa presents the ‘Life Goes On’ Photography Exhibition, running from October 2017 to September 2018.Nature-related activities and events were held to celebrate the wildlife of Sentosa.

[SENTOSA, 2/1/2018] – In collaboration with the Nature Society of Singapore, the ‘Life Goes On’ photography exhibition will be heldat the Sentosa Nature Discovery of Sentosa – The State of Fun, an island resort in Singapore. The exhibition was opened to the public last October 2017 with events celebrating nature and will run until September 2018.Entrance is free of charge.

A Touch of Nature

Sentosa – The State of Fun invites families and friends, both locals and tourists, to find out amazing facts about nature by visiting the ‘Life Goes On’ photography exhibition. The event is a fun, educational experience dedicated to young travellers as well as those with a genuine interest in all things nature.

November Activities

Alongside the exhibition, Sentosa held three events last November to celebrate nature and show their appreciation for wildlife:

• Life Goes On with Birds
Organised by the Nature Society of Singapore, avian experts welcomed guests to learn more about the bird species of Sentosa in Life Goes On with Birds.

• The Buzz about Bees
Visitors observed bee specimens in bee hotels and took short walks around Sentosa Nature Discovery to see them in action.

• The Gardeners of our Forests (A Civet’s Tale)
Researcher Fung Tze Kwan shared interesting facts about the common palm civets, one of Singapore’s last wild native urban carnivorans.

• Pollilympics Storytelling & Craft
Held last November 18, 2017, storytellers re-enacted pollination competitions and visitors joined crafting sessions to make their very own pollinators.

Sentosa – The State of Fun

Sentosa – The State of Fun is a popular island resort in Singapore, visited by around twenty million people yearly. It is a place where tourists and locals alike escape to when they want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is Asia’s leading leisure destination and Singapore’s premiere island resort getaway, just fifteen minutes from business and shopping districts. They are home to sandy beaches, lush rainforests, award-winning spa retreats, an array of themed attractions and so much more.

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