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With rise of demand in artificial intelligence and machine learning fields, the need for data sets for training such machines and computer vision is also in demand in the market. Companies involved in image recognition service or data labeling now providing the annotated images to trained such machines and computer vision used in various industries.

Actually, computers visions or machines can read such data to recognize the regular patterns and stored the information in their memory to identify such images or similar data in future without human intervention while giving the accurate results.

How Cogito Annotate Images?

Cogito is using the advance level of tools and techniques to annotate images of different types. It has skilled work force to manually annotate the pictures or images on their computer system while ensuing the quality to make sure give the best quality training data sets for machine learning or AI-based other projects needs such data for building a business module.

Types of Image Annotations Service Available Here

Cogito works with flexible and scalable solution to annotate the images using the different types of techniques for different types of images and segmentation required. Image annotation service used by Cogito involves, bounding boxes, polygon annotation, line annotation, point & dot annotation, landmark annotation, cuboid annotation and pixel annotation etc.

The Industries Covered by Cogito

While working with multiple clients, Cogito has become expertize in annotating the images for various industries across the location in the world. Cogito is providing the image annotation service for Healthcare, Ecommerce, Retail, Medical, Automotive and Agriculture etc. In healthcare sector it has more specialization into various sub-fields in medical imaging and diagnosis by annotating and labeling the images like X-ray, MRI and CT Scan etc.

About Cogito

Cogito is known for providing the high-quality training data sets for machine learning and AI-based application developments with specialization in image annotation service for various industries. Cogito also provides various other services like healthcare training data, virtual assistant, chatbot training, data collection, classification and content moderation service.

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