VWP Country Residents Have To Mandatorily Apply For Esta For Us Travel

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It is important for VWP natives to be ESTA approved before entering the US

New York, 08th Feb 2019

Electronic System for Travel Authorization or ESTA is an important approval needed by Visa Waiver Program (VWP) countries’ residents for entering US soil.

Many people confuse a travel visa with an ESTA approval. It is important to note that ESTA online registration and its subsequent approval doesn’t equal getting a visa. It merely allows a person to travel visa free once he/ she has been classified as risk-free by the Customs and Border authorities.

For a person applying for ESTA online, he/ she should first check if the country is ratified as a member of the VWP. At present 38 nations’ citizens can make a trip to the US for a maximum of 90 days under ESTA approval.

How to apply for ESTA?

All VWP natives have to visit the official website for ESTA online registration. One should remember to keep all passport details handy for filling up online. It takes a matter of minutes to receive approval online for correctly filled up application forms. People will receive one of the three key responses from ESTA authorities.

a.Authorization approval – This signifies that the applicant has received approval to travel to the US. Unlike a visa however, there may be one more round of scrutiny by the Customs and Border officials.

b.Travel not authorized – This signifies that the applicant did not get the permission needed to enter the US. In such a case, the person can connect with a US consulate or embassy to procure a regular travel visa.

c.Authorization pending – This signifies that the authorities need more time for processing the case and will arrive at a decision later.

It is crucial to apply early

It is recommended to apply for ESTA online atleast a week before the travel date. This will ensure that there are no glitches that prevent successful entry to the US for the applicant. It takes a maximum of 72 hours for processing the ESTA successfully and hence the application should be timed properly so that the journey happens as planned.

About Esta-Visa

Esta-Visa is an experienced consultant specializing in helping people obtain their ESTA approvals under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). Our team of experts will carry out the necessary formalities and help you organize your paperwork so that the chances of ESTA approvals shoot up substantially and help you enter US soil. Right from initiation to final travel authorization approval, we stay with you at every stage of the ESTA processing activity.

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