New Reggae Music in 2018 by Wayne Dreadski

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November ‎30, ‎2017: A genre of music developed on the Jamaican shores, Reggae music is a form of music which follows rhythm and musical defeats. In fact, one of the main traits of this music is that there is stress on the 2nd and 4th music beat of the melody. The guitar takes care of the third beat or the chord for the second beat is held till the 4th one is played. The use of difficult bass lines and the use of speedy third beat is exactly what differentiate the reggae from other genres of music.

The phrase "reggae" was coined around 1960 in Jamaica to identify a "ragged" style of dance music, that still had its roots in New Orleans rhythm'n'blues. However, reggae soon acquired the lament-like style of chanting and emphasized the syncopated beat. It also made explicit the relationship with the underworld of the "Rastafarians" (adepts of a millenary African faith, revived Marcus Garvey who advocated a mass emigration back to Africa), both in the lyrics and in the appropriation of the African nyah-bingi drumming style (a style that mimicks the heartbeat with its pattern of "thump-thump, pause, thump-thump"). Compared with rock music, reggae music basically inverted the role of bass and guitar: the former was the lead, the latter beat the typical hiccupping pattern. The paradox of reggae, of course, is that this music "unique to Jamaica" is actually not Jamaican at all, having its foundations in the USA and Africa. Wayne Dreadksi is bringing reggae music for lovers around the world in 2018 and beyond.

Wayne Dreadski is a reggae recording artist. Wayne Dreadksi releasing some future award winning reggae music in 2018. Wayne Dreadski brings a thick and heavy sound. The timing of the beats in his reggae music gives it a hypnotic feel because of its relaxed nature. Drum styles have been introduced and incorporated in Wayne Dreadski’s reggae which gives it a unique and exciting feel. Wayne Dreadski has worked on his vocals to preserve the natural tone of his voice and can also be identified with his colors, green, black, gold, and red.

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