Development Platform Gallactic Set to Revolutionize Smart Chain Architecture

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The Gallactic Blockchain Platform, powered by Finterra, is set to make waves with its development platform that uses revolutionary Smart Chain Architecture in its design.TheirSmart Chain architecture is focused on its ability to form any type of application logic and adding it to a blockchain to capitalize on the primary properties of blockchain which are robustness, data security, transparency, and decentralised transacting.

The development platformalso has anOpen-Source Development Environment comprising the Open Source Development Chain and Open Source Development Toolbox besides a host of other features which will be geared to help the Open Source Development Community.

As an interesting aside, GALLACTIC is also an infinitely scalable, high-speed blockchain to execute the next-generation of Smart Contracts and decentralized applications of the future. Its public network is built to perform roles such as serving as the foundational chain for the GALLACTIC network token GTX, facilitating transactions between other Smart Chains, acting as a source of security for Smart Chains to checkpoint upon, and being the launching pad for new ecosystem Smart Chain Creation, all of which are made possible by its future-facing Smart Chain and Blockchain Architecture.

GALLACTIC’s Smart Chain Architecture uses the latest blockchain layered-platform design arrangement while incorporating a host of technologies and protocol solutions, mostly unheard of to many outside of the blockchain community.

Terry Wilkinson, Director of Blockchain Solution, Finterra, shared, “One of GALLACTIC’s main features is the Open Source Development Blockchain that will be fully integrated and interoperable with the GALLACTIC mainnet for value passing and checkpointing. The other features of GALLACTIC include the GALLACTIC Advanced Blockchain Development Toolset, Gnet- Dapp Framework, GALLACTIC Smart Contract IDE, Gallactickeys – Account generation, management and keystores as well as Hubblescan – GALLACTIC Blockchain Explorer and others.”

“Through our revolutionary Smart Chain Architecture,GALLACTIC has a Smart Chain infrastructure that passes contract input state between chains within the ecosystem as well as ensuring the safety of processing cross-chain smart contracts. A suit of contracts that are the fundamental template for transferring value amongst chains and registering as well as adding new chains inside the ecosystem for safe interactionis provided by this Smart Chain contract ecosystem. GALLACTIC Smart Chain Protocol (GSCP) is the name given for the transaction flow and architecture of these ecosystem contracts.” He added.

GALLACTIC’s state-of-the-art engineering also accomplishes Smart Chain interoperation by combining the two architectures of‘Plasma’ chain design and ‘Efficient light-client’ technology. Plasma relies entirely on interaction between chains via smart contracts and sharing key-pair accounts between networks which was originally proposed by VitalikButerin and Joseph Poon. Whereas ‘Efficient light-client technology’ refers to its ability to authorize transactions from other chains speedily without requiring any chain-data apart from the data-trail of that chain’s validator set and voting results of that current round (which are like Single Payment Verification clients).

Wilkinson concluded, “Finterra’s goal is that with the GALLACTIC Blockchain Platform, the possibilities for what can be built on the application layer will be endless. Our focus is to replicate and emulate other smart contract protocols like EOS, NEO, Qtum, and Cardano so that we can create a useful and interoperable ecosystem that services the whole blockchain ecosystem. However, this is not the end. Any application you can imagine no matter how specific or general could be built on this architecture and plugged into the blockchain layer.”

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