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Miami, FL: Benworth Capital Partners is a strategic partner of Pitbull’s 44th National Private Lending Conference taking place October 22 – 23 in Fort Lauderdale. The Pitbull Conference is the oldest and largest organization of it’s kind, educating brokers, lenders, and investors about the emerging opportunities that exist in hard money lending.

“We’re proud to be a sponsor of such an exceptional conference,” said Bernie Navarro, President of Benworth Capital Partners. “We attended a Pitbull Conference event in 2008 (the year we started) and learned many valuable lessons. I can truly say that it catapulted us to where we are today.”

The educational approach of the Pitbull Conference is not only useful to private lending firms like Benworth Capital. Through their informative workshops and forums, real estate professionals also gain a better understanding of how private lending works and how it can benefit their clients.

The conference will feature seventeen subject matter experts speaking on a wide range of topics including changing marketplace conditions and industry standards.

Attendees also have an opportunity to make strategic connections during the many networking opportunities available throughout the conference. For more information about the conference visit

About Benworth Capital Partners: Benworth Capital Partners, LLC, founded in 2008 and headquartered in South Florida, is a licensed mortgage lender and servicer specializing in private lending and bridge lending. The private equity firm offers short-term, first position mortgages for the purchase and development of residential, commercial and income-generating property in Florida. Benworth’s disciplined approach to financing real estate assets attracts funding participation from investors seeking strong returns from a low risk profile investment. For more information about Benworth Capital Partners, visit

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