Custom Inclinometers Designed For Your Specific Equipment Types

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R&B Manufacturing. Inc. is known for providing quality inclinometers which are also known as the slope indicators, slope meters or the clinometers. Inclinometers are the best way to integrate the application without the need for the mechanical linkage when compared to the installation itself. Inclinometers are the real advantage for its high design engineers. R&B is the top Inclinometer Manufacturer known for developing the inclinometer types with providing the best solution for enabling the best application for the industry.

What Is Inclinometer?

The inclinometer is the instrument that is mainly used for measuring the angles of the tilt or slope and depression or elevation of the object based on gravity. Inclinometer system mainly consists of the inclinometer casing that mainly suitable for measuring the sub-surface measurements. It also grooves the control of the orientation of inclinometer sensor along with providing the best uniform surface mainly suitable for the measurement. Tilt Meter could be modified or customized into many number of features based on the application. Manual ball or analog with the tube inclinometers is consists of different version from slope meter manufacturers.

Inclinometer Models:

R&B Manufacturing Inc could customize the basic inclinometer models based on your requirements so that it fits the specific needs. The Inclinometer is also available in the different color background that would give you complete control of the device. Slope indicator also fits the unique needs and it is also labeled that brings you more application to the maximum. R&B offers the complete labeling of your company name and other details.

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