Ultra-modern imaging equipment introduced by AMRI Hospitals for precise spine and neurosurgery

 Chinmay Ajmal

Taking big strides in orthopaedic and neurological innovations, health practitioners at AMRI Hospital in Kolkatta and other parts of eastern India have introduced new imaging equipment and navigation system for accurate spine and neurosurgery. The system is expected to increase the success rate of surgeries.

Spine and neurological surgeries used to be the most complex surgeries, but not anymore with advancement in technology. Many failed surgeries were reported in India every year. Even if a surgery was successful, a patient would not recover quickly, due to loss of blood, damage to the muscles and large incisions.

With the introduction of minimally invasive technique, spine and neurological surgeries were conducted with much more precision and success. The patients recovered within a few weeks and were able to perform most of the activities, although there was still a long way to go.

However, the introduction of O-arm S8 navigation system, the most advanced 3D surgical imaging equipment will make these surgeries a lot more effective. It will further reduce the recovery time of the patients, with no pain. Blood loss and post-operative discomfort will be reduced as well.

Clear visualization and surgical navigation of every segment in the spine is enabled by this sophisticated equipment. With a detailed view of the patient's anatomy in real time, a surgeon can navigate accurately through critical structures in the spine.

As a result, the patients preparing for spinal and neurosurgery will be more confident about the success of surgery. They will no longer need more than a week to prepare for, and recover from the surgery. Apart from this, it is very easy for a surgeon to control the tissue damage of patients with this technology introduced by health practitioners of AMRI Hospital, Kolkata. With minimal incisions, there is no pressure on the tissues and nerves.

The Rs 6-crore machine will not only guide a surgeon, but will assist him in placing an implant or scrw exactly where it should be, without damaging any blood vessel or nerve in the area. The chances of infection are very less as compared to open surgeries.

The retractable O-arm can move around the operating table taking a 3D image of the area to be operated. The image is overlaid on the one taken by the camera that goes through one of the holes made on a person's body during microsurgery. A surgeon is guided by a composite view that comes alive on a screen.

The best thing about this new technology is that the chances of mistake are very less. Images provided by the machine’s O-arm are very clear and make a huge difference in the outcome of the surgery.

“Most hospitals use the C-arm, which produces 2D images of low resolution that can't be merged with the ones taken by the camera that goes inside the body,” stated a health practitioner at AMRI Hospital. But, with this technology, the scope has broadened and the outcome of precision spine and neurosurgery is only going to get better.

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