Unveiling The Best Automatic Billing System for Telecom Industry

 Nytra Joshi

Cloud is one of those technologies that are being opted by more and more businesses in the recent time. Automatic billing as well know, is one of the boons of the cloud services for the Telecom industry. As this industry highly contributes to the development of a country and thus it is necessary for this vertical to be in line with the recent technological advancements, industry drifts and the need of the customers. Automatic billing in the telecom industry streamlines the processes of revenue cycle management and ensures that you receive accurate and timely patients.

aBill is one of the recent solutions to mark its debut in the automated billing industry. It is a billing solution, which takes orders, does provisioning & billing, and gives ratings to the businesses. It works as a mediator between the retailer and the consumer and ensures that the entire billing system keeps on working effortlessly.

aBill ensures that customers are connected with a mobile operator and receive monthly, quarterly and annual invoices, in addition to services like games, ads and campaigns. It is seamlessly integrated with mobile apps platforms like Google Play, Amazon services, Storefront and many more for giving out coupons and deals to the customers.

Some of the highlighting features of aBill are:

  • Availability of additional functionalities that can be added with the plugins
  • Great configuration that leaves no requirement for customization
  • Option to customize the functions without changing the core of the application
  • Scalable design that helps in keeping a tab on multiple transactions easily
  • Fluid communication with Enterprise systems owing to API integration

On the launch event of aBill, the Director of Aarav Solutions had to say the following “We are very well acquainted with the requirements of the Telecom industry and the challenges they face when it comes to billing and revenue. In order to help the people of the Telecom Industry in the effectual management of the invoices, we came up with the idea of creating automatic billing system for telecom- aBill.”

In addition to the above features, aBill is technically component both in terms of hardware and software terms.It is supported on both the Windows and Linux platforms. It is compatible with browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. All in all, it is a complete powerhouse of the features that should be available in an automated billing system.

About Aarav Solution:

Aarav Solution is one of the most renowned IT infrastructures, cyber security solutions, and service providers for the Telecom Industry. It continuously strives to transform the businesses work by introducing IT solutions in all the verticals.

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