JustShouts Launches with Groundbreaking Business Review & Direct Feedback Platform

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App lets consumers leave feedback to business owners in their own voice, as well as listen to recommendations/ reviews of others

September 04, 2017- The JustShouts app has officially launched, and the all-new platform gives the community an unparalleled way to connect. With JustShouts, consumers can leave feedback while exploring other people’s reviews regarding local businesses. The app is the first to let people leave reviews in their own VOICE. Instead of typing their reviews, users record them.

With thousands of locations available on the app, users can easily find local businesses in their area. Then, they can hear other people’s reviews about the location, or they can record their very own 20-second snippet. JustShouts makes it easier than ever for people to leave reviews for local businesses.

JustShouts is also pleased to work with businesses seeking direct feedback from their customers. There are various feedback channels for businesses to choose from but most of them come with drawbacks. Feedback forms remain in boxes for weeks. Negative feedback can be deliberately discarded. The cost to digitize data, manage wireless devices is high. User information is not verified.

JustShouts offers a seamless VOICE based direct feedback solution. With JustShouts…there are instant feedback alerts to business so they can listen to them immediately. Ready to use smart graphs are available out of the box. 100% verified user details and there is no hassle of maintaining special devices.

JustShouts is changing the face of review and ratings systems with its verbal-feedback concept, and the company believes that this rich-content strategy will quickly push their platform to the top rankings for trusted local businesses recommendations and reviews. Further information can be found at http://www.justshouts.com/.


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