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Noida, – Feb. 9, 2018:

Blockchain Technology is not an unfamiliar term today; it is a very popular technology indeed. With the rise in the number of digital devices and digital-content users around the world, such technologies are spreading at a rapid rate. Blockchain technology comprises a consistently growing list of records, also referred as blocks, which are joined to each other and secured using cryptography. It is also defined as a digital ledger in which cryptocurrency transactions are chronologically and publicly recorded. It can also be said world’s leading software platform for digital assets. Initially, the blockchain technology was invented to empower cryptocurrencies, of which Bitcoin is the most popular example, but today it is being used for everything from shared communications to copyright protection. Moreover, efforts are on to widen the scope and reach of this technology to other spheres of life. Many financial and technology experts have also predicted this technology to significantly shape the future of banking and financial transactions. Needless to say, the swiftly emerging field of blockchain technology offers immense scope for those who want to make a career here.

Getting professional training in the blockchain technology is the best way to launch your career in this domain. The online training medium has become a very popular medium of learning, especially among the full-time students as well as working professionals. This medium offers unparalleled flexibility to the aspirants for deciding their own time, place, and pace of studies. They can grow in their respective careers without disrupting their routine activities. But, then again, such training becomes effective only when taken from the right place.

Multisoft Virtual Academy or MVA is an online training organization that offers training and certification of professional courses. The blockchain certification training course offered by MVA is a valuable course, having a comprehensive curriculum designed by industry experts. This blockchain online training course can take your career to the next level by providing you detailed knowledge about the block chain technology. It lays emphasis on the Bitcoin structure, which is indeed the most noticeable product of the blockchain technology to date. The course also familiarizes the learners with the latest and emerging trends in the blockchain domain.

About Multisoft Virtual Academy:

Multisoft Virtual Academy (MVA) is an online professional training and certification organization based in Noida. It’s a division of Multisoft Systems, which provides corporate training, industrial training, classroom training, and various other learning solutions. MVA is offering blockchain courses online, along with many other professional training courses in the domains such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Project Management, and Service Management (ITIL), to name a few. It is also an accredited learning partner of tech-giants like Microsoft, Oracle, Intel, and Cisco.

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