Co-Writer Kevin “Cigs” Lee Plans To File A Law Suit On 50 Cent for Depriving "Get Rich or Die Tryin"

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(June 06, 2018) – The co-author of the album “Get Rich or Die Tryin” has planned to suit 50 Cent again for falsifying documents, swindling and for depriving him of the real share among other charges. On this 15th anniversary year of 50 Cent, he has planned to claim the share he actually deserves.

The co-author Kevin “Cigs” Lee has already filed a suit claiming 7 million from 50 cent gunit. He has all the blatant proof and video. The suit was already filed upon which 50 Cent has ready to pay 5 million seeing defendant as the co-writer and co-owner. But, the co-writer states “I legally acquire 50% of all sales or royalties on this project, which grossed 14 million and counting”.

If 50 Cent is not ready to settle this amount, the co-author is ready to view other options like going to the press, filing criminal charges and even trial if needed. A case was already filed by the co-author against Curtis Jackson, who is popularly called as 50 Cent.

In fact, Curtis met Lee on the streets of Brooklyn through a mutual friend. The author agreed that he will write for Curtis, who also agreed to pay a million dollar. As the co-author was just 17 then, he was not aware of his value and accepted. He gave his writings to Curtis, but he never turned back. He never met Lee again.

About Kevin “Cigs” Lee:
Kevin “Cigs” Lee is a published writer with Ascap and he also has worked with Tupac llcoolj, Biggie, Beyonce, and Jayz.

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