Conduct Air Conditioning’s Ducted Systems Allow Full Temperature Control

 Rachel Harris

Homes can now enjoy comfortable temperatures all year-round with Conduct Air Conditioning’s ducted systems. With their design and select zone control, home-owners have full control of their home’s temperature.

[GREENACRE, 07/09/2018] - Conduct Air Conditioning, an Australia-based contractor and specialist in air conditioning systems, offers high-quality ducted systems from industry-leading brands. Designed to heat and cool an entire home, these units allow home-owners to have full control of their home's temperature.

Uniform and Zoned Temperature Control at Home

Ducted air conditioning systems allow uniform cooling and heating of an entire home due to their advanced design. One system has a ductwork that runs through the house and outputs warm or cool air, which eliminates the need to install an air conditioning unit in each room or area of the house. During colder months, home-owners can set their ducted systems in reverse for a warmer output of air.

Some models of ducted systems in Conduct Air Conditioning's catalogue, like Fujitsu, feature a zone control technology. This allows home-owners to specify zones in their home and control the temperature of each individual zone, instead of controlling the temperature of the entire home.

Special Features from Trusted Brands

Conduct Air Conditioning offers a range of ducted systems package deals from well-known brands in the industry, each boasting an impressive feature.

As mentioned earlier, Fujitsu's ducted system has a zone control feature that gives home owners full control of their home's temperature. Panasonic's ducted system has an inverter technology that keeps the unit at a modulated power to keep energy use low and efficient. All models including Samsung and Actron Air guarantee a peaceful and unobtrusive experience with the ducted system’s quiet operation.

About Conduct Air Conditioning

Specialising in residential and commercial air conditioning solutions, Conduct Air Conditioning sources all products directly from the manufacturer to deliver unmatched value to home owners and business owners. Apart from providing high-quality air conditioning systems, the company also offers ducted routine maintenance and filter changes. Conduct Air Conditioning extends its services across Sydney.

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