How is the ERP software implemented in to the top die casting company ?

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Top Die casting company is the aluminium die casting and plastic molding products manufacturing company which is ISO certified company established in 1977. It is a home grown company which deals its products to all kind of suppliers in heavy vehicles, home appliances, electronics and automobiles company.

How ERP was needed in Top Die casting company -

Top DIe casting company needed the most sought out ERP company which can provide the real time data to access and monitor the performance of the system. Before this they were using the ERP software which was the most scattered software and more than the team of 20 people were using it.

To find the extracted data from the system was the more prominent task for the company. The software was grown internally which could provide the complete new aspects to the company growth.

How ERP was needed in the Top Die casting company -

After reviewing the number of ERP vendors, company decided to select the IQMS ERP software because of they were developing the software as per according to the needs and customizations of the manufacturing company. After implementing the ERP software of IQMS company was able to remove all the scrap activities from the departments.

In the ERP software of IQMS, the company got the additional functionality to monitor the data of other key employees and inventory tracking facilities were also there. This stopped inventory delivery delays and decreases the operating cost. Besides this the company also got the facility of removing the data redundancy, on time delivery to the customer. All the routine information were recorded in the software.

Benefits -

  • Eliminated data redundancy

  • improved timing and cost savings

  • improved internal reporting and data communication

  • Improved accountability

  • Improved quality in operations

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