QA Mentor Announced to Offer Quality Assurance Services Worldwide

 Mark Lieo

QA Mentor is renowned as one of the best QA companies across the globe for its top class Quality Assurance Services. Recently, a spokesperson of the company announced that the company will serve its global customers all across the world with its best QA services. The company has its headquarter in New York. Furthermore, the company has eight branches in different countries. Each branch has experienced team of QA engineers and Software testing experts to provide the best QA software testing services. The company caters its global customers in record time with their quality assurance services in all different time zones.

“We are leaders in software testing and Quality Assurance industry. We are led by Ruslan Desyatnikov who brings more than 20 years of experience in the domain of software testing, quality assurance, quality control and all related segments of software testing and QA. Under his visionary leadership, our company has been spreading its wing since inception. We have eight branches in different countries so we can provide services along with the required coordination and communication to our customers in their preferred time zone. We thrive to cater more clients worldwide with our best in the industry QA Software Testing Services.”, shared spokesperson of the company.

According to the shared details, this top QA Company has segmented its Quality Assurance Service in five different categories which are listed below:

· Core QA Services

· Unique QA Services

· On-demand QA Services

· Business Process Management (BPM) Services

· Automation QA Services

· Strategic QA Services

Each category has a list of QA services. The spokesperson of the company shared a complete segmented list of Quality Assurance services offered by the company which is listed below:

· Core QA Services

- Manual Test Design and Execution

- Security Testing

- QA Performance and Capacity Planning

- QA Performance Engineering and Optimization

- QA Lab Compatibility

- QA Recruitment and Staffing

· Unique QA Services

- QA Candidate Interview Assessment

- Application Architecture Inspection

- Advisory Support Subscription

- QA Environment Management

- Static Testing and Inspection Artifacts

- Test Data Management

- Data Warehouse

- ETL Testing

· Strategic QA Services

- Agile QA

- TCOE Establishment

- Test Cases Coverage Review

- QA Audit and Process Improvement

· Automation QA Services

- QA Automation Tool

- Test Automation Framework Design

· On-Demand QA Services

- Test design

- Testing Execution

- QA Manager

- Crowd sourced

- Regression Testing Execution Factory

- QA Technical Writing

- Training and Workshop

· Business Process Management (BPM) Services

- Business Analysis and Requirement Engineering

- Business Analysis Testing

- BA Recruitment and Staffing

- Business Assurance Testing

“Our QA experts cover all different aspects of Quality Assurance. We assist our clients in each stage of the Software Development Life Cycle with our best QA services.”, shared the spokesperson of the company.

To explore more details about the offered QA services by this leading QA Company, please visit

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