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January, 2018- Videazy a video design company that has over the years been credited and known for delivering the very best in video advertising to many happy clients from around the world proudly announces the launch of their new website featuring a new "done for you" approach which makes the whole video ad creation process more efficient and intuitive for clients.

"we believe that clients can have a more involved role in how their introduction videos are made, and for the first time we at videazy have streamlined the process to allow for a free flow of information between clients and designers as we work towards a common goal" said the manager of Videazy.

The use of video as a means of capturing visitor attention is a "tried and true" method of advertising that has been used for many years with great results. And in this business it's rarely ever a good idea to attempt to re-invent the wheel. At present, it is far more productive to build and improve upon what is already in place.

Take for example the graphics tools which are used for designing, rendering, and editing videos. They mainly follow the same pattern however some tools have more bells and whistles in an attempt to provide for every possible scenario. However, even as they become more sophisticated, the simpler ones are still being heavily used, and this is because they do specific things very well without being bloated.

The objective of video intros and advertisements is to captivate the audience long enough to introduce the product and explain why the viewers need to try or buy the product or services being advertised. Many business owners will find that keeping visitor attention is a very important component of video marketing.

There are many reasons why people seem to gravitate towards videos these days. Take for example the rapid growth of social media - facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat and the biggest one of all which is youtube - it becomes obvious that it has become part of life for many people across all demographics. They could be using videos for a variety of different things but some of the most widespread uses are for vlogging on platforms such as youtube.

People are able to make a living by simply vlogging on youtube so there is a great demand and motivation for videos and video creators. Videazy's role is to simplify the process and make sure that people get exactly what they want.

For more detailed information about youtube intro maker, please visit our introduction video here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJecSmwuP7g

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