Pool Demolition Contractor Outlines Pros & Cons Of Inground Pool Removal

 Charles Moore

Annandale, Virginia (wesrch) June 2, 2018 - Dirt Connections, a Fairfax pool demolition contractor, recently published a blog post discussing the pros and cons of inground pool removal. While many homeowners enjoy having a pool in their backyard, the safety concerns and maintenance costs related to owning a pool can often become overwhelming. Those considering an inground pool removal should consider whether the costs of owning a pool outweigh the benefits, then speak to a professional about removal options if necessary.

Having a pool in the backyard can be a major asset. Pools are often highly prized in warm-weather areas, and a house that contains one may have a higher property value than one that does not. Homeowners do not have to go far to find refreshment on a warm day, and the pool can be the centerpiece of summer entertaining. They can also provide fun, easy entertainment for children who might otherwise be spending time indoors or away from home. Inground pool removal can be expensive, and many homeowners may choose to keep the pool rather than remove it despite any problems.

However, these benefits can sometimes be shadowed by the strain of maintaining the pool. An improperly-secured pool can present a drowning hazard to small children and pets, and insurance costs for homes with pools are often higher than for those without them. Filters, pumps, and pH-balancing chemicals can become costly, and the time spent maintaining the pool can be draining. Homeowners can save time by hiring professionals to clean and inspect the pool, but this can become costly.

While inground pool removal can be a serious investment, removal is a one-time cost that allows homeowners to save time and money while creating more backyard space to enjoy. Dirt Connections offers partial and full swimming pool removal services. Partial removals involved tearing down only the top 18 inches of the pool and backfilling the rest. They are cheaper and faster, though new dwelling areas cannot be placed on the partially-demolished and filled in pool. A full removal, though more expensive, can be necessary for certain types of pools and ensures that the land can be used for any new building, as the pool will be completely torn out and compacted. Dirt Connections provides all materials and equipment necessary for inground pool removal and also completes waste removal and free estimates for services.

To speak with an inground pool removal professional, call Dirt Connections directly at 703-940-9949 or visit their website at https://www.dirtconnections.com/. Dirt Connection is headquartered at 8309 Crestridge Road, Fairfax Station, VA 22039.


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