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German Aramaic artist Stuart Styron presents "My Nature Life" under "A Leaving Reality Production"

Titled ‘My Nature Life”, the platform is meant to be educational and insightful

Germany, Arnsberg, 19th May, 2016: There are many people who prefer a steak for their meals and who are not aware of the pain the relevant animal has to go through for the same. In an effort to help them know more, Stuart Styron is launching an online website under the organisation ‘A Leaving Reality Production’.

He himself was a meat eater for 38 years of his life until he came across a video that showcased the killing of pigs and cows. From that day, he stopped eating meat and it has been two years since he has been involved in letting people that it is an unnatural process..

The website says, “The ignorance of several people who do not understand the distress caused to the different animals when they are killed for food is what needs to be addressed. Our motive is to provide a platform where in they realize that animals are a part of the Nature and they have a right to live just like humans. "These animals do not belong to us humans - the soul and body of another creature belongs to you?!" There is a lot of depth in the name, ‘My Nature Life and everything is dealt with in a sensitive manner. ”"My Nature Life" - this means : "My" means (me as an animal or me as a tree) "My" is the voice and soul of the animal specificly. " I want to give those who died or will dying in future a voice. That site is dedicated to all their pain.

Stuart Styron can not accept the killing, because he feels responsible of them. "Those creatures do not belong to humans, they belong to themselves as we want to belong to ourselves. People saying thats in our nature eating animals, but thats wrong, not anymore in this century. The strongest animal on earth is the elephant and elephant do not eat animals." The site will show also some other nice points of our nature who need more attention like trees and their importance and statements and more other themes from our nature life. There is one folk on our universe who fit the theme. Bishnoi is a religious group found in the Western Thar Desert and northern states of India.

To obtain more information about the new statement website, visit (website activated 15th June 2016)

About the website

The website claims that there are several links available that have videos of slaughterhouses from across the globe. There are believed to be no such disturbing videos on the main website. It is meant to help people learn about such atrocities in a peaceful environment. The whole process is believed to be shocking and it took Stuart Styron many weeks before he could become normal and do something about the whole holocaust. He is deeply hurt inside just when thinking about the worsest shame here in universe.

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