I was a little upset that a question on the first page of one of the "Ask questions for Producer Live" Which questioned if and when more housing would be introduced went unanswered after gaining a lot of interest from likes.
The issue in lack of housing still exists on a lot of servers. Balmung being one with zero plots available and still many Free FF14GilHub Companies without a house.
Was stated recently that since most servers have available housing, they feel it's fine the way it is. Hurts the servers that don't have availability, but they are all linked so adding more housing to the full ones would add more empty housing to the ones with availability, eating up more server resources. Personally, they should make the housing separate per server. That way if Balmung needs 20 wards but another lower pop server only needs 5, they could do just that. As it stands now, if one server has 10 wards, they all do, regardless of availability, which sucks.
To begin with, even if scalable instanced housing was never in their design spec, the current system should have been designed to create wards on-demand, with each new ward taken from a data-center specific quota (which could be increased over time). If there are worlds (not going to call them servers, because each is actually a server cluster linked to the other worlds) with empty or mostly unused housing wards, the resources being used to maintain those empty zones should go to buy ffxiv gil wards maintaining a new ward on a more populated world.
I think what they want is for housing to be a contributing factor to the evening-out of world populations, but it's not nearly enough of a motivator on its own. And who would even want to leave a world like Balmung or Gilgamesh (except to go to the other)?