EMR Adoption to Drive e-Health Market Growth in US

 Shushmul Maheshwari
According to our latest research, “US e-health Market Analysis”, the US represent world’s largest and one of the fastest growing e-Health markets. Past few years have been phenomenal for the industry and it remained almost immune to the economic slowdown. A number of segments, EMR in particular has witnessed excellent market expansion during the last 4-5 years and helped overall industry to post double digit CAGR growth. The research further revealed that e-Health market will follow the same growth trajectory by 2015 and will emerge as one of the most lucrative sector in the US for investment and business execution.

The study identified that EMR is currently the most dominant market segment. The segment growth has largely been benefitted by Government policies and regulations which encouraged public healthcare professionals and private practitioners to adopt and use electronic medical records product and services. It is anticipated that government incentives along with various private sector initiatives as discussed and analyzed in the report will drive the market growth to achieve new heights.

Apart from EMR, other segments including EHR, Practice management systems, Home Telehealth, and Remote Patient Monitoring markets have also depicted strong market advancements during the last few years. In the context of increasing awareness and cost cutting practices adopted by public and private hospitals, these segments will continue to witness tremendous market response. Additionally, upcoming Government ACT’s and regulations will fuel the market developments and open vast opportunities for market players.

Our report, “US e-health Market Analysis”, has been authored to evaluate the future market potentials of the US e-Health industry and its segments. The report provides extensive research and analysis of the overall market and all prominent segments including EMR, EHR, Practice management, e-prescribing, Home Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring, Digital Health, etc. Besides providing information on current market developments and market trends, the report provides segment-wise forecasts based on correlation of past drivers, challenges, and opportunities for expansion, thus enabling clients to access projected market trends and take informed decisions.

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