Avon, Indiana - December 26, 2012 - McQueen At Home is an avid internet marketer who has made it in the online world. Through her blog, she aims to bust some common myths and rumors, such as the elevation group scam, while also providing readers with helpful tips and guidance to making money on the internet. Since the internet was first launched, almost two decades ago, homeowners, entrepreneurs, mothers and just about anybody else have been looking for honest ways to make money online and work from home doing something that they love. Unfortunately, many programs claim to allow users to make money – but simply fail to even get users started, yet alone make them money.

McQueen At Home has recently answered the question of whether The Elevation Group scam is true or false. Through her detailed and comprehensive blog post, she outlines whether the myth of The Elevation Group being a scam or not is really truthful. According to the post, The Elevation Group is a legitimate business opportunity that has been setup. Unfortunately, many users post negative reviews of the program because they simply did not achieve the desired results they wanted. As the blog post goes further, McQueen At Home suggests that users should further read through the program and begin developing strategies to use – instead of making rational investments.

To read the full post, and to determine whether The Elevation Group Scam is real, head over to: http://mcqueenathome.com/the-elevation-group-scam/

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