Greywater joins hands with Netel (India)

 raj kumar
Greywater has joined hands with Netel (India) to market their next generations, plug & play STP products (GREWA-RS and GREWA-R) to industrial, commercial, residential and hospitality clients across India. Netel (India) is a market leader in environmental compliance services and leading provider of environmental compliance equipments. Netel is also one of the most trusted O&M services providers for STP/ETP/RO to some of the largest industrial names in India. “Both GREYWATER and Netel are passionate about conserving the environment and our precious water resources. Netel (India) has a strong and trusted marketing reach across sectors in India and Greywater has the best and most advanced sewage treatment product in India. Thus there are ample synergies for both of us to maximize our impact by providing our next generation STP products for decentralized treatment and reuse of sewage and wastewater to clients spread across India. “said Arun Dubey, Director, GREYWATER. The strategic partnership is a milestone in STP industry that is traditionally been served by conventional bespoke type of solutions that are being custom designed for each application and thus lack the standardization that is needed for mass adoption of wastewater reuse practices.
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