There are millions of domains across the world, and everyone of them tries hard to compete with each other and achieve better position in the popular search engines like Google, Bind, Yahoo! and more. One of the main factors that decides the position of any website or domain over the internet is Alexa. Alexa rankings let the users, site owners and internet marketers know the position of their websites globally.

To improve the Alexa ranking, many people often follow a wide range of tips and tricks like installing Alexa Toolbar, promoting their website to boost up the traffic, backlinks, original content and more. So, what’s the main reason behind such an immense popularity and craze of achieving higher Alexa ranking? What are the reasons that make Alexa important for the online business? Let’s find it out!

· Great Exposure For Your Site.

Alexa is closely linked into the, which means that whenever someone review your website, it is linked to their amazon profile that can easily access when people browsing for books look to see what reviewers like them suggest. Such things can extended in the future by the amazon to integrate your website in different ways, and this at the end will help you get your website an additional exposure over the internet without any marketing or promoting efforts.

· Rapidly growing awareness of competitors

If you’re using the internet since long back, you might be knowing about the Alexa toolbar, right? Well, many people or internet marketers firmly believes that it is quite effective as it will let you know the traffic coming to your site. However, not all the people believe the same these days.

No matter whether it is effective or not, but the main point here is that you can leverage from the tons of resources offered by Alexa to give your site a competitive edge, and even your competitors know about this. Moreover, after Google tied up with Alexa, more ‘n’ more webmasters are showing their interest in Alexa. Installing the Alexa toolbar and other tools will surely help you gain advantage it brings.

· Clients are becoming more aware about Alexa

It is not important whether you’re selling something over the internet or compete with others to bring more traffic, you should be knowing that potential users and clients are becoming more aware about the tools like Alexa toolbar and so on. It would help you maintain the ranking of your website when regular visitor lands on your website through the tools offered by Alexa. Moreover, clients are also checking the Alexa ratings and reviews before buying anything from your website. So, it is important to focus on Alexa rankings and try to be ahead of the competitors.

· Statistical Accuracy

Well, this might be a topic for debate as many people doubts the statistical accuracy of Alexa, but it’s quite indisputable. Alexa rankings entirely depend on the traffic, page views, quality backlinks and other factors, so the chances are less that the results produced by Alexa are inaccurate.

No matter what people think, Alexa is going to be the major factor when it comes to consider the performance of your website. Moreover, people and even clients are considering to review the ratings given by Alexa. Therefore, it is important to consider Alexa ranking for your website. What’s your take on this? Share your views in the comments..!