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Pennsylvania, U.S.; January 3, 2018: Helping businesses from different industries tackle problems related to employee healthcare benefits, JS Benefits Group offers advice to organizations regarding HR policies.

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America reports, that 40% of Americans struggle with stress and anxiety disorders. Anxiety often leads to depression, which can result in absenteeism from the workplace. The study also states that individuals who are 18 and above are more likely to develop an anxiety disorder.

In addition, further research shows that work-related stress can also make an impact on individuals who struggle with depression.

Most organizations focus on wellness programs that only cater to physical injuries. However, stress-related illnesses can also make a significant impact on the performance of employees.

By constructing a reliable employee benefits program and changing their HR policies, businesses can help reduce the symptoms of stress and empower their workforce.

Most businesses are unaware of how to handle problems related to anxiety and stress disorders. They often focus on physical injuries and chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. A effective wellness program should focus on all aspects, in order to ensure that employees are well-informed of ways to take care of themselves,” explained the spokesperson of the company, talking about how organizations face problems when it comes to healthcare programs.

Financial security and debt repayment plans are something employees can benefit from. However, senior employees can immensely benefit from healthcare schemes, such as eldercare.

A well-designed employee benefits program can help educate employees about the benefits of seeking treatment and help. It can also offer tips to employers who are unaware of how to deal with situations. Therefore, it can be beneficial to both businesses and employees.

Most businesses don’t realize how beneficial employee benefits can be for their organization. Not only are well-educated employees beneficial for the organization, they also perform better and invest more time and energy into their work. Furthermore, employers can help reduce absenteeism from the workplace by helping employees learn about ways to cope with stress, anxiety, and chronic illnesses,” explained the spokesperson of the company, talking about the ways employee benefits can help businesses owners improve work performance.

Surveys show that nearly 3 in 5 people considering choosing to work for organizations that offer employee benefits. Stress and anxiety often leads to other problems, such as taking up smoking.

Smoking is the cause of 480,000 deaths every year in the United States. By educating employees about the importance of seeking help and getting treatments, employers can help create a better working environment for their workforce.

JS Benefits Group helps businesses devise HR policies and strategies that empower employees and help them grow. In addition, it also offers wellness programs that include vision, life group, disability, and dentistry for all types of industries.

About the Company

JS Benefits Group helps empower employees and employers by offering exceptional HR consultancy services and wellness programs. Their wellness program includes vision, dental, disabilities etc.

By helping businesses improve their HR strategies, they help employees take initiative for a brighter and better future.


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