CBSE School Buses To Be Secured with Facilities before MVD Inspection

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15th May, 2017:

With Motor Vehicles Department (MVD) beginning to inspect school buses from May 20, 2017, all educational institutes along with CBSE schools are gearing up to ensure that safety parameters needed to secure buses in good conditions, are met so as to clear the test by MVD. The schools have taken steps to offer vehicle servicing and bus drivers’ training, as indicated by the MVD prior to the inspection. It is mandatory that the buses maintain first-aid kit.

One of the institutes, Rainbow International School, Thane have stepped up the safety measures and precautions even before the vehicle inspection can jumpstart, and the security beef up includes upgrading the fire and safety facilities along with painting the buses or servicing as required. According to the rule of MVD, the schools need to regularly service the buses and get medical box in each school bus along with support staff.

There will be a special committee in few CBSE schools, which will only deal in the management of school buses to make sure those are adequately maintained. Some schools have also already cleared the said inspection, while few are still to be inspected. Some of the essential requirements listed by MVD to be mandatory in school buses are- speed governance, fire and safety, painting, classes for the drivers of buses and more.

Which Facilities is Necessary as Per MVD?

In most of the CBSE schools, the measures to meet up with MVD circular are already being worked upon and drivers are also receiving orientation classes, while buses are inspected by school officials to maintain their good conditions. Some schools are also keeping a strict watch on the bus drivers for any unruly behaviour, such as Rainbow International School, Thane, which has installed CCTV cameras in the buses.

Drivers are also prohibited from rash driving and smoking while on duty. There has been an increasing demand that school buses must be air-conditioned, and several CBSE education schools have introduced AC buses for the ease of students, especially when summer is at its peak. These school buses are also equipped with GPS tracking system, as seen in RIS School, Thane as well.

On the other hand, some schools have gone ahead to install RFID system, which is an advanced system in school buses that links to mobile phones of the parents so as to allow them keep track of their children when getting in and off of the buses. Thus, the parents can steadily monitor their children’s boarding details and movement and when the students will arrive home.

How Will the MVD Inspection Benefit Students?

Thus, the MVD inspection has turned for students and their parents in a way that CBSE education institutes have not only gone ahead to meet up to the inspection standards but added on to the facilities to ensure greater ease and safety to the students. Also, some of the schools wish to integrate broader facilities such as with television and other entertainment system soon.

While school buses are mode for travel for students, the educational institutes wish to further their service as a mode to relax the students. Thus, many of the buses are also being installed with music systems, educational video tools and more. A lot is expected ahead from CBSE schools in keeping the parents and students satisfied beyond the immediate premises and extending gratification over school transportation vehicles as well.


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