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Newtown, PA; December 11, 2107: JS Benefits Group helps provide businesses with strategic policies to further strengthen their employees benefit program. Helping cover dental and vision in their health insurance program, the consultancy firm helps employers empower employees.

A wellness program helps employees make educated decisions to maintain their health and boost productivity. By educating employees about the importance of staying healthy and going for regular checkups, businesses can reduce absenteeism in the workplace.

The consultancy firm follows 4 simple rules when it comes to helping businesses: providing superior quality customer services, forming strategic partnerships to become an extension for HR policies, taking a proactive approach, and investing in the most effective industry technology.

Many small businesses have a misconception that employee benefit programs are costly, therefore, they hesitate to invest in them. This pennywise philosophy often strangles the chance for businesses to recruit candidates and interferes with long-term prosperity plans.

With technological advancements and the demand for businesses to grow, it becomes difficult retaining talent. Employee benefits such as health insurance acts as security for workers. This is true for employees with disabilities.

In addition, it also helps employers who want to see their employees become more productive in the workplace. The spokesperson for the consultancy firm commented, “With increased competition, many businesses end up juggling challenges, trying to come up with strategies to retain employees. Many organizations suffer because they are unsure how to empower employees, motivate them, and get them to be more productive. Employers often find it difficult to cater to the needs of those who suffer from vision and dental problems.”

The employee benefits programs depend from organization to organizations. Some organizations offer 2 weeks paid vacation plan, while others cover medical.

“We understand the struggle of small businesses when it comes to cutting back costs due to health insurance plans. Our aim is to help employers device a strategic plan that not only helps their employees but helps them cut costs, while providing an effective wellness program,” commented the spokesperson of the company, highlighting their priorities and mission to create better work environments.

In addition, along with dental and vision, JS Benefits Group also covers disabilities, helping employees with special needs feel comfortable during work. This is beneficial for employers who want to utilize their company’s talents and not leave employees feeling left out.

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JS Benefits Group helps empower employees and employers by offering exceptional HR consultancy services and wellness programs.


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