Best Business Ideas for 2014 for an Energetic Entrepreneur

 Chelsea Hackett
The New Year is around the corner, and some of the best business ideas for 2014 are still untapped for anyone with the right set of skills. The current economy has many nervous to hire full-time employees, so a temporary agency may be the perfect solution.

“There is no obligation to a business to keep a temp, so it can work well for both parties,” said Sandy McQueen of

This business is unlike many. Startup costs can be very expensive. The range is anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000 depending on the necessities. At minimum a phone, computer and people are only to start, more will be necessary later.

“The human factor is one of the reasons this is so expensive. Finding people with skills can be a major problem, and many agencies pay their employees before being paid by the company needing the temporary employee. This causes debt before turning profit,” said McQueen.

An appropriate niche is necessary. Labor is all too common and does not require much skill. Specialists, like nursing and technology, do. These are also considerably more expensive.

“The market is driven by the same factors as any service: need and resources,” said McQueen.

Renting office space is possible, but working from home has potential as well. There are certain tax breaks for doing so, but requirements also. Check with a certified accountant to determine the best possible options.

“Be sure employees, particularly those in specialized fields, have licensure from the state. Failure to do so will fall back on the shoulders of the owner of the agency – you,” said McQueen.

Other factors include insurance. This is part of the overall cost expense.

The income potential for this career is limitless. As long as there is a need for employees, there will be a need for temporary employees. This will certainly be one of the best business ideas for 2014 . More information about this career is available here .

If you are interested in learning more about what Sandy has to say about starting a small business and her other suggestions and solutions for working from home, visit her website at

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