JS Benefits Group Offers Individual Supplemental Health Insurance Plans for Businesses

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Newton, Pennsylvania December 7, 2017: JS Benefits Group offers individual supplemental health insurance plans for businesses and employees by working with some of the country’s best carriers.

JS Benefits Group, Inc. is an authorized agency marketing insurance plans including but not restricted to life, health and disability. Insurance offers are proposed by insurance companies, obtained through an application process. JS Benefits Group however, operates independently as a brokerage working to facilitate the processing and submission of these applications; advising clients which insurance plans would best suit their needs.

A JS Benefits Group spokesperson said, “We endeavor to understand the personal requirements of the organizations and individuals we work with both on a micro and macro scale. We find plans that work best for our clients bearing in mind not just their needs but also available resources and life styles. It’s a service we take pride in and are well aware of the benefits a well-chosen plan might provide those we work for.”

JS benefits Group offers their clients a number of options and plan forms. These include HMOs, PPOs and Catastrophic health plans among the major medical category as well as individual dental and/or vision plans. JS Group offers disability and long-term care insurance options as well as a number of life insurance plans.

A group representative stated, “The idea is to provide our clients with an array of options to choose from, assess their needs and develop a formal sense of what would be most conducive to them and finally guiding and advising them through the complicated and often tricky work during the application process in order to ensure that the plans they are desired are granted.”

Individuals or companies interested in finding out more may reach representatives from JS Group via links and details provided on their official webpage for further details.

About JS Benefits Group

The JS Benefits Group comprises a team of highly skilled and very experienced professionals working towards providing cost-saving employee benefits and HR consulting services across the Mid-Atlantic region.

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