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Pennsylvania, U.S.; January 2, 2018: Working closely with different organizations from different industries, JS Benefits Group helps businesses create tailored wellness programs to empower employees.

By working closely with clients, the HR consultancy agency offers different services under one roof. From HR compliance to healthcare to employee benefit management, everything from the point of hiring to discontinuation of services; it has helped several businesses effectively tackle problems with employee benefits.

Other than providing detailed guidance and support as well as help with sensitive compliance documentation, the agency also offers individual insurance, and dental and vision.

Surveys show that nearly 3 in 5 people list employee benefits as a reason for considering working for an organization. When deciding on where to work, individuals take into consideration the perks that an organization offers.

Seniors consider retirement plans, as well as financial security, while the millennial age group considers student loans repayment options, as well as monetary benefits.

Most organizations don’t expand or improvise their employee benefits program because they are under the impression that benefit plans can be costly. In reality, they help boost productivity and increase the amount of time and energy employees invest in their work. Not only are employee benefits helpful, they are essential for an organization,” commented the spokesperson of the company, explaining how employers can benefit from employee benefits programs.

The JS Benefits Group begins by getting acquainted with their clients to better understand their needs and expectations. They then focus on getting a clear sense of company/organizational infrastructure and goals. This is followed on by a comprehensive and specifically customized plan which keeps the company’s existing HR policies and employee complaints in mind.

Once the company gets an idea of areas that need to be worked on, it helps organizations draft a strategic HR strategy plan. Keeping in mind the background of the industry and the types of employees that work in the organization, it aims to help businesses save costs by providing them with tailored services that fit their requirements.

A wellness program isn’t just beneficial to employees, it also helps employers. When employers understand the needs of their employees better, they are able to help them in the long run. From dental, vision, disabilities, and life insurance, we offer various services under one roof,” explained the spokesperson of the company, highlighting their services.

The consultancy firm follows 4 simple rules when it comes to helping organizations: providing superior quality customer services; forming strategic partnerships to become an extension for HR policies; taking a proactive approach, and investing in the most effective industry technology.

Thanks to its strategic programs and excellent services, the company has managed to retain over 900 clients since its formation.

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The JS Benefits Group comprises a team of highly skilled and very experienced professionals working towards providing cost-saving employee benefits and HR consulting services across the Mid-Atlantic region.


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