Cheryl Walker-Robertson, gives you access to a hidden society by teaching you the money-magnet protocols of etiquette.

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“Protocol International™ CEO Cheryl Walker-Robertson, gives you access to a hidden society by teaching you the money-magnet protocols of etiquette.”

CEO and Founder of Protocol International™, Cheryl Walker-Robertson is an International Etiquette Expert who has successfully worked with Marketing and Communications Tycoon, Odyssey Media for many years.

As a result, Cheryl is very aware of the doors that remain off-limits to the curious simply because they don’t know the unwritten rules of etiquette, or what Cheryl calls the money-magnet protocols of etiquette.

Protocol International™, works with individuals, or organizations who house, develop, or service New and Emerging Business Professionals or Elite Athletes. These organizations call Protocol International™, to enhance the etiquette knowledge of its members, resulting in more polished social-interactions and business acumen needed to grow their careers.

Cheryl’s competitive advantage stems from the fact that while most programs struggle to prove the value of how etiquette can enrich one’s career, Protocol International™ takes its client’s real-life scenarios through a well-vetted system and program that gives them the insight needed for more confidence and an executive presence immediately catapulting their careers and brands.

Cheryl’s secret sauce is being a critical thinker who connects dots quickly for her clients spotting key things faster than most others. This means she can spot where they might be missing key opportunities and how adding etiquette will make a world of difference to their bottom line.

"If I could show you where you might have lost $20,000 in potential new business last month, based on a lack of etiquette protocols alone, wouldn't you want to know?" Cheryl asks routinely asks. The question is rhetorical since the answer is a resounding “YES” for most aspiring professionals.

Protocol International™, consistently demonstrates its value across various industries by using relate-able scenarios and engaging content to show how the art of fine dining can add instant competitive advantage that leads to bigger business.

Whether it's the Professional Women of Odyssey Media's Network, or New and Emerging Small-Business Owners in Any-town, U.S.A., Protocol International™, has groomed these audiences from performance plateaus to the peaks of bigger business!

Arguably, there is a hidden society that you can only gain access to once you understand the money-magnet protocols of etiquette. This society speaks the language of privilege, and it's not taught in schools, churches, nor your grandma's kitchen, however this fall, Protocol International™ will teach you, so that you speak it fluently!

These money-magnet protocols of etiquette are designed to propel your career further by understanding the unwritten rules; and now, Cheryl Walker-Robertson is setting out to make sure that every aspiring professional stands a chance at playing to win.

Sign up here for more details on Protocol International's Fall 2017 Money-Magnet Protocols Virtual Training Course.

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