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Pennsylvania, U.S.; January 4, 2018: Offering end-to-end solutions to businesses who want to improve their HR policies, JS Benefits Group helps organizations devise sound employee benefits plans.

With years of experience in the industry, the HR consultancy agency offers its expertise to businesses of all sizes from various industries.

The founder, Jennifer Schaefer, has over 25 years of experience in the field and aims to help businesses grow by empowering their workforce. When employees are empowered, they feel appreciated and valued. This leads to improvement in performance and encourages growth in the workplace.

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America reports that anxiety disorders are common in individuals aged 18 and above. Furthermore, the report also shows that 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety and stress.

By constructing an effective HR policy and wellness program, organizations can help employees take control of their health.

Education plays an important role in helping employees grow and find their voice. When employee benefits programs are designed to help workers take charge of their wellbeing, they feel valued and appreciated. It shows that employers are interested not only in the wellbeing of their employees, but in their future as well,” explained the spokesperson of the company, focusing on the importance of designing an employee benefits program that empowers employees.

Most organizations struggle with their HR policies, not knowing how to device plans that can benefit both employees and the organization. Lack of proper regulations can de-motivate workers and lead to low performance levels.

Furthermore, the type of plans the organization offers can help employees decide whether they want to stay or look for other opportunities.

Senior employees focus on financial security, retirement plans, and wellness programs that offer eldercare, whereas, millennial employees focus on fringe benefits like parental leaves, healthcare, life insurance, and paying off student loans.

It’s imperative for organizations to offer active enrolment so that employees are able to make decisions based on their needs. By revising their HR policies and benefits plan on a year or bi-annual basis, organizations can retain talent. Well-informed employees perform better because they are engaged and motivated,” explained the spokesperson of the company, focusing on the importance of well-crafted strategies and HR policies for employee benefits.

JS Benefits Group helps businesses devise HR policies and strategies that empower employees and help them grow.

In addition, it also offers wellness programs that include vision, life group, disability, and dentistry for all types of industries.

About the Company

JS Benefits Group helps empower employees and employers by offering exceptional HR consultancy services and wellness programs. Their wellness program includes vision, dental, disabilities etc.

By helping businesses improve their HR strategies, they help employees take initiative for a brighter and better future.


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