5 major things you will learn from BA in photography

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For budding photographers in India, who wish to transform their hobby into a full-fledged career, a photography degree in India like BA in Photography acts as a tailor-made course for them. Colleges like SSP in recent times have made it possible for students to pursue their dream of being a professional photographer.

This course will allow you to learn various aspects of photography. Here’s a list of the 5 major things you will learn from BA in photography.

1. You will learn different types of photography

Let’s look at the most basic yet the most exciting aspect of the course. Photographers find joy in capturing places or situations that they encounter. The course in photography will take this a few steps higher. You will not only refine your existing skills, but you will also learn the various types of photography such as fashion, sports, food, travel, wildlife, automobiles, and more. The course is designed to expand your horizons so that you can take photographs that capture the soul of any moment in time.

2. Creative writing

A picture speaks a thousand words. But what happens when you actually put words in your picture? You create a beautiful short story behind clicking that photo. This is how creative writing will help you. In the era of social media, short stories involving pictures are very popular. This way, you can not only put forward yourself as an upcoming talented photographer but also create a following of your own. BA in Photography thoroughly teaches you about creative writing.

3. Digital space

The modern-day photographers have an advantage that their peers didn’t enjoy - social media. Social media is huge and quality content on it is appreciated. Platforms like Instagram are tailor-made for photographers to share their work with the world. You can also make your portfolios online, thus saving you money and time. BA in Photography teaches you to exploit this space to your advantage.

4. Practical experience

In your final year, you are expected to take an internship in a digital agency or work with a photographer. This will provide you with invaluable hands-on experience. You will be learning about a client’s service requirements or how to cover a major event seamlessly. This is one thing you should definitely look out for.

5. Get to know India

People come from far away places to capture India’s culture in their lenses. It won’t be any different for students studying this course. You will be encouraged to visit various places in India, click photographs to your heart’s content and write about your experience in detail.

Capturing India is any photographer’s dream. You will feel blessed in receiving the opportunity to live the dream.

I hope you are excited by the prospect of learning these things. BA in photography is definitely the best among the available degree courses in photography in India.

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