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Founded seven years ago, USA Cabinet Store has stood out amongst its competitors due to its strong philosophy: A believe that everyone needs to own a well remodeled kitchen and bathroom with a touch of beauty.

Through its philosophy, USA Cabinet Store has enabled its entire clients get their dream homes from dilapidated and old ones. They have improved many lives through their services that range from bath design, kitchen design and remodeling services.

Kitchen Cabinets & Kitchen Remodeling

USA Cabinet Store’s clients are mostly on referral basis- they come in for services after getting to read or listen to testimonials. They have a team of dedicated designers who target to turn your kitchen cabinets and remodeling into something others would admire.

In pursue of excellence, the company turns your old kitchen cabinets into a perfect ultra-modern design, thanks to their teamwork. Their designs are nationally accepted and aim to win your trust. Not to forget mentioning that through their assistance, they can tailor you a remodeling design that would go beyond your design dreams.

For kitchen cabinets, they involve an extensive choice of quality cabinets. You can visit their show rooms either virtually or physically, should you be hunting for the ultimate kitchen cabinets and kitchen remodeling designs. They have physical showrooms in: Fairfax, VA., Chantilly, VA, Rockville, MD and Columbia, MD.

Sometimes, it may be harder for a client to make a choice on size and shape or both. Don’t worry, USA Cabinet Store designers will take you through what they believe would give you the best result, definitely you’ll get sorted. Their experience, philosophy, and team work is to your advantage. Whichever design you have in mind, they are ready for it.

Kitchen & Bath Remodeling/Cabinets

Need some kitchen & bath remodeling/cabinets? Don’t worry. USA Cabinet Store is well equipped to give make you live your dream. Whatever your budget is, big or small, they have something for you. They are equipped with an extensive selection of high quality kitchen and bath cabinets.

For remodeling of your bath, the company has a collection of standard bathroom cabinets and vanities that would make your decision making easy. The countertops range from simple granite, to exotic stones, then from natural marble to exquisite quartz, the choices are unlimited. You will be assisted to get the perfect stone that fits both your desire and budget.

Right from cabinet hardware to fixtures they will help you get the right shape and size that matches your dream design. Another very important aspect in bathroom remodeling is definitely the tiles. The design team will give you guidelines on your choice, style and spaces, putting in mind your set budget.

USA Cabinet Store are geared towards the services you need. They have what it takes to provide you with the best final design for your kitchen cabinets, kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling. You can visit their website: . For sure you’ll get what you are looking for.


Fairfax, VA
2832 Dorr Ave Suite E
Fairfax, VA 22031
P: (703) 436-6444

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