Arm Cast Cover Startup Launches New Website.

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Arm Cast Cover Startup Launches New Website

Supersleeves Celebrates Success with Improved Online Store

Manchester, UK — JAN 9, 2018 — Supersleeves, a startup that introduced fashionable arm cast covers that cheer anyone with a broken arm, is announcing a new-and-improved website.

One year after the launch of their company, the successful startup felt it was time to revamp their online web portal to better display options for their vibrant arm cast covers and improve the online shopping experience.

The new site can be accessed at

Supersleeves was created by UK entrepreneur Michelle Hayman to give a dull cast color and personality, allowing a person with a broken bone to turn sorrow into joyful expression. The breathable Lycra fabric sleeves can be stretched over any plaster arm cast, providing a vibrant burst of color to brighten any person’s day.

The soft, elastic sleeves were designed with both form and function in mind, keeping casts clean and fresh and allowing a person to heal both in mind and body while wearing them. They are latex-free, durable and machine washable. Pattern options and sizes exist for both children and adults.

Anyone who has worn a cast will understand the importance of protecting it from water and other foreign substances. A waterproof cast protector can be used to keep the cast clean and dry while showering, swimming or participating in any activity where the cast may become wet.

The new Supersleeves website includes active, rotating lifestyle photos to better allow shoppers to choose from an array of designs. The site now includes a blog with relevant news, information and photos of Supersleeves and the people who wear them.

As part of an effort to make the online shopping experience seamless for customers, the new Supersleeves site was designed to allow customers to leave product reviews. There is also a section with testimonials from professionals.

“We’re very pleased to celebrate our one-year anniversary by launching an improved website to showcase Supersleeves,” Hayman said. “Our goal was to create an easy and fun online shopping experience for our customers around the world, and I think our new site accomplishes this. Be sure to stop by the new site and look at all the many fun Supersleeves patterns. There’s a Supersleeve for every style, every interest and every occasion.”

About SuperSleeves

Supersleeves is a leading manufacturer of premium waterproof cast protectors in the UK, delivered quickly to customers worldwide. The vibrant lycra cast protectors have been featured in the Daily Mail and Saga Magazine. Learn more at Follow Supersleeves on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and YouTube.


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