Planning to Buy Retirement Properties or Retirement Homes in India

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The residential real estate market has become very depressed and that is why developers are looking at senior citizen properties to bail them out. Growing wealth, longer lifespans, a change in mindset and nuclear families have made retirement homes an option in urban areas. Presently, there are around 30-35 senior living projects around the country but the market is constantly growing.

These housing projects are not run-down old-age homes, where the aged and abandoned life in an abject state. Today's retirement homes are pulsating complexes which takes care of food, housekeeping, health care and security, allowing the senior citizens to enjoy their yesteryears. India’s overall population is growing at 1.8% annually, but the population is also greying at a much faster rate of 3.8% every year.

Most senior citizens are independent financially, but the question that lingers is, how will they manage when their children move to another city or country to work. Safety concerns, healthcare needs, and loneliness are pushing senior citizens to retirement resorts like Anandam.

Safety and security are important, especially as the crime rate against senior citizens have raised. Anandam provides 24-hour security for retirement properties. They also have the provision of emergency healthcare services so that if there is an accident or some medical emergency, the residents can be taken to a hospital or given first aid. This is a relief for the resident’s kids as well.

Loneliness is the tormentor of old age. Isolation can play havoc in a person's health and push them into depression. Living in retirement homes, where neighbors of your age are in constant touch, can be uplifting. They may not exactly be family, but they provide the companionship that seniors look for.

While buying retirement homes read the agreement properly as this is your big investment. Projects like Anandam offer a number of facilities like the ones mentioned above, but they also come at a premium when compared to the regular housing project. Thus, instead of focusing on the luxury aspects and premium fittings, make sure that the project you are buying is well connected as well as offers all the essential amenities that you need on the campus.

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