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June 7th, 2018, Melbourne – In the first week of April 2018, there was a sale that attracted the attention of thousands of people. It was the pre-auction of a Pymble Home on the upper North Shore in Sydney, heralded as one of the top-rated homes in the nation. Grabbing a sale price of $6.5 million from a family in China, before the auction, the house, (named ‘Menton’), comes with a tennis court, saltwater pool and a climate-controlled 2100 bottle wine cellar, totalling 1726 square metres of prime real estate.

Real estate marketing is one of the toughest areas of the marketing industry. With deals often priced in the millions, selling a property like the ‘Menton’ requires months of research and constant team efforts.

Some top real estate marketing hubs say, it’s not about marketing, but effective marketing. In case of this Pymble Home, the marketers must have opted for:

Effective Marketing: Informing potential buyers about the realities of owning a home like this.

Digital Marketing: Posting appropriate content leading social media platforms to generate leads in bulk. Real-time interaction like this offers great ROI.

Price under market value: suggesting the cost of the property list slightly lower to its real market value.

One of the representatives of Perth and Melbourne marketing firm Concept Marketing, stated last week:

“As a reputed Melbourne marketing agency, Concept Marketing specializes in cross-disciplinary marketing services, from digital to print media to reporting. We have worked in all walks of marketing for years. Reading through a recent article got us thinking about the efforts behind good marketing and the final sale of the project. Getting into the heads of your potential consumers and making them turn around only comes with experience. Concept Marketing, working with top businesses in Melbourne and Perth, takes pride in honing its skills with each new project,”

Concept Marketing, a marketing consultancy in Melbourne approached media last week was to announce that they are going full-time with technology-based research processes.

From now on there will be mobile-responsive surveys, surveys activated by SMS and boosted social media engagement. This flexible approach is to make sure they are taking the lead across all initiatives in the dynamic digital marketing services landscape.

Concept Marketing stands out from the crowd, due to the following qualities:

• Driven by passion

• Makes understanding the client’s requirement as a priority

• Hone their knowledge as well as their skills

• Take a new turn with creativity

• Maintain an extensive network as a resource

• Critical thinking

If you need a marketing firm in Perth or Melbourne, contact Concept Marketing today.

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