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Washington, Michigan, USA – 8 June 2017 – MetroUAV is a Michigan-based Drone Photography company that specializes in agriculture, construction, mining, real estate and more. Aerial photography is a new trend in modern video and photo production. Thanks to aerial photography you can easily get such shots that were previously available only when shooting from a helicopter. It should be noted that shooting from a helicopter is a very expensive service, unlike shooting from a drone.

Services offered by MetroUAV include: Real Estate, Construction, Agriculture, Mining and other. Any real estate looks best from above. With the help of aerial photography, MetroUAV will provide the most attractive views of your object, whether it is a residential complex, a shopping center, an object under construction, or even a whole cottage community. The received photos and video, will favorably supplement your advertising materials. Previously, this could only be done by ordering a helicopter, but now they made it as accessible as ever. They can even shoot inside your object, if there is enough space for the flight. If you need to inspect an industrial site, a vast territory or aerial photography of the terrain, their drone will help you with this. The device can climb high into the air and get an overall picture of the object, and then take pictures of hard-to-reach places like pipes or roofs. Also with the help of aerial photography they can do for you, vertical images of the terrain to create a detailed plan for your object. If you plan to hold a mass event, aerial photography will be perfect for creating excellent reporting materials. Any concerts, mass festivities, sports competitions, celebrations and festivals can be taken off the air by a drone to get unique shots about your event.

MetroUAV company is FAA Part 107 Certified to fly anywhere in the United States. Using MetroUAV services you will be able to conduct cinematographic works to create a full-fledged video clip, solve photographic problems, such as: aerial survey of land, aerial photography, aerial photography of an event, aerial photography of an industrial facility, etc. Thus, with the help of their services, the company will easily solve your aero vision and aerial photography tasks at an attractive price. To get a rough approximation on the price of your drone photography, get connected with MetroUAV company through their website, leaving them your name, your email, subject and message. Or you can even make a call or go to the office and discuss the details of your project.

Company Name: MetroUAV
Address: 58757 #94 Washington, Mi 48094
Phone: (586) 232-5384
Email: Support@MetroUAV.com
Website: https://metrouav.com/

Domain: Business
Category: Sales & Marketing
Contact Person Address: Support@MetroUAV.com
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