Naturopath treatment is beneficial for treating many different health problems. Check this!

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Modern day life is full of stress that can cause people to suffer from many different health problems. The question is how do we overcome these health problems that are caused by our stressful lifestyles.

Health issues such as anxiety and depression are becoming very prevelant in our society. Anxiety and depression caused by modern day stressors can be treated very effectively by a naturopath. Joanne Kennedy is a renowned Sydney Naturopahth specialsing in treating modern day healhth conditions such as anxiety and depression. She is a degree qualified Sydney Naturopath practicing in Sydney CBD. For more details about Joanne and how she can help you overcome your health problems you can go through the website

Before starting her own practice at Sydney Health & Wellness Centre, Joanne worked at MTHFR Support Australia offering MTHFR treatment to patients helping them overcome MTHFR gene mutation and methylation problems. Joanne also treats patients with digestion and gut issues, pyrroles, histamine intolerance, and women’s hormonal issues. Joanne aims to understand the underlying cause for the health problems so that she can provide effective and natural solutions for balancing the body’s intricate system for maintaining optimal health.

Joanne is able to quickly identify MTHFR symptoms in patients so that they can be treated without delay. MTHFR sympotms include recurrent miscarriage, blood clotting, anxiety, depression, histamine intolerance and high homocysteine levels.

Joanne focuses on natural treatment for depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia and other related health problems. Natural treatments and safe and effective and without side effects. You can book an appointment with Joanne via the online booking feature on her website or via email or phone. Ald details are avaialbe on the website

The PR is about Sydney Naturopath using natural remedies for treating different health problems.

Contact Us:-

Sydney Health & Wellness

Centre Level 4, 88 Pitt StreetSydney NSW 2000.

Phone: 0400 658 003



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