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This is time, when we take our yearly look at what’s laying ahead for SEO India companies in 2019. What SEO tactics and strategies are expected to work to help you rule in the SERPs and experience more revenues in 2019 have been discussed in this well-elaborative Press Release of ours for February month. Here are 4 most important trends you ought to learn about in 2019, as per our top SEO professionals.

In 2019, Google has stunned the industry with its mobile/speed related endeavours. Consequently, most of this year’s SEO endeavours are anticipated in this course. Certain ‘non-Google,’ however, game-changers are supposed to sway how we create our SEO marketing campaigns. Why not explore the trends that are going to be imperative in this year:


Mobile-first indexing, in a nutshell, means, Google utilizing the mobile version of your website for the indexing, plus ranking. Since last year, Google has commenced the migration process of websites to mobile-first index. Keep in mind that mobile-first indexing does not just refer to mobile only. There are single indexes with desktop and mobiles versions. This entire ‘mobile-first’ buzz, however, means that Google will use the mobile-versions for positioning once the website is migrated.


Google is very much sentient towards delivering the finest UX and providing it fast. The loading time of desktop used to be a ranking factor earlier. In July, 2018, it got a twin – the speed of the mobile had grown to be a ranking factor for mobile too. This vital add-on requires determining the metrics that matter for Google as in ‘page speed test.’


At first, via unlinked brand references, the SERP gets to know about that your brand is a company. By further evaluating all the assets citing it, Google learns more about the authority in a specific area. Secondly, the context and sentiment of each property matters: Trust, reputation, complaint-solving, advertising, etc. Through this framework, Google start to tell good and bad apart.


Amazon is not a universal SE. It makes an algo, i.e. equivalent to Google’s, however utilized for internal search within the Amazon pages. Well, how does it make a fuss, then? An increasing number of people have started going straight to Amazon as they plan to shop. As per a study, close to 56% of customers go to Amazon first, if shopping is what they have in mind. 51% prefer crosschecking a particular product with Amazon if they have found it somewhere else. These figures are quite evident that Amazon is growing to be the ‘Google’ of e-commerce. The whole point of this is that if you’re considering selling products, for which you’re seeking an SEO-friendly Web development company, and you’re not on Amazon yet, you’re actually losing those 56% of potential consumers. So, including Amazon into your 2019 SEO strategy would simply give you an edge over your competitors.

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