BITTO ICO sales continues after the end of pre-sale and stage 1 phases

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BITTO ICO sales continues after the end of pre-sale and stage 1 phases

Innovative Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform, BITTO, announces the continuation of the initial coin offering of its token with additional bonuses of up to 22.5%

BITTO is an innovative cryptocurrency exchange platform uniquely designed to allow users buy and sell different digital currencies with ease. The several features of BITTO have allowed it to stand out from other digital currency exchange platforms. BITTO has announced the continued sales of its token in the initial coin offering after the pre-sale and stage 1 of the sale ended.

The world of cryptocurrency built on the Blockchain technology has grown over the years, with its popularity and acceptance increasing across the globe and in different industries. Consequently, several ICO’s have been launched in recent times. One of such ICO’s looking to break bounds in 2018 and beyond is the BITTO token.

ICO exchanges like KCS and BNB have made tremendous returns in recent times. The likes of Binance (BNB) that started in July 2017 at $0.10 and now trades for $17 and KuCoin (KCS) that started in October 2017 at approximately $0.60 and now trades for $15 in January 2018 have showed that ICO exchanges are effective and great opportunities to make good returns on investment.

BITTO Exchange is another potential hidden gem, particularly as the platform comes with unique features, combining Social Trading, Referral, Proof of stake, Buyback, Lending (*SALT) and an exchange platform.

A total of 33,000,000 BITTO will be issued, with 19,000,000 BITTO to be distributed. BITTO starts at an ICO price of $1, with additional bonuses of up to 22.5%. The total supply of 33 million tokens, which is 5 times lesser than the two ICO’s mentioned above further reiterates the potential exponential increase in the value of the tokens.

The coin is predicted to hit $20 or even $50 in less than 12 months after the launch of the exchange.

More information about the ICO can be found in the whitepaper.


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