DAPA warns businesses of these mistakes in SEO strategy

 Lewis Donnelly

Northampton, United Kingdom – November 03, 2017

For most businesses, building an SEO strategy is a complete nightmare. Even with utmost care, there are some things which are bound to go wrong. Most of the time, it is these few mistakes that businesses tend to make while developing their SEO strategy. For this purpose, here are some mistakes you can avoid.

The first mistake is ignoring website metrics. Ever since Google rolled out the Fred update in March, metrics are considered to be a very essential ranking factor. Factors affecting a company’s placement in the SERPs are time spent on pages, bounce rate and click through rates.

Thus, businesses should avoid neglecting the design elements of their websites and pages. The best way to do it is to observe your analytics closely and constantly make adjustments to your template and on-page content.

The second mistake is writing generic blog posts. Instead of making use of the regular 500 word blog posts, pillar content is genuinely beneficial to the website. Moreover, Google even proudly showcases it at the top of their search results. Businesses should thrive to look beyond online sources and create information rather than duplicate it. By doing this, you can naturally acquire back links from people referencing your work.

The third mistake is not optimising for mobile. People nowadays access the Internet on their smart-phones rather than desktops. Clean, responsive designs now get priority in the SERPs. If businesses have not updated themselves for the mobile generation, ensure that it is the priority as no amount of off page SEO will compensate for this mistake.

If you still feel you cannot handle this all by yourself, you can hire firms that provide effective SEO services to small businesses and start-ups.

Dapa UK is one such firm that offers quality services to its clients and makes sure that their clients are ranked top in the search engine results. However, you can know more regarding their services by visiting their site https://wearedapa.co.uk/

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